Goodbye 2017 lessons learned. Be careful what you wish for especially if you are a conservative because even Conservative views are dimming more and more in the midst of an ever-growing moral corruption worldwide.

Goodbye 2017 – Kudos, President Trump

As we say Goodbye 2017, first comes to mind the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump.  Although Mr. Trump’s heart has been dancing from nationalism to globalism and back, the President is a good man with a kind heart.

As such the President has understood that only fulfilling his campaign promises he could retain the love but above all the unconditional support of his over 63 million man-base, which is hopefully growing.

Of all comments about the President’s performance, it is the Russian President Vladimir Putin’s opinion that I value the most.

Goodbye 2017 - President Trump and President Putin shaking hands.

President Trump and President Putin shaking hands.

Asked for his assessment of Trump’s first year in office during his annual end-of-year press conference in Moscow, Putin said that “objectively we can see some fairly serious achievements over the short period he’s been working.”
He cited the strength of the markets as an example, saying this indicated “investor confidence in the American economy, which means that they trust what President Trump is doing in this area.”
Putin also dismissed the US investigations into potential collusion, saying it was normal practice for governments to meet with officials from other election campaigns as well as governments. He said the issue had been “dreamed up” by Trump’s opponents to discredit him.
“It’s delirium, it’s madness,” he said. “This is all dreamed up by people who are in the opposition to Trump so as to make sure that everyone thinks that what he’s doing and working at is illegitimate.”
Putin suggested that those supporting the inquiries were “working against the interests of their own country and the duly elected President of the country.”

Another credible source that provides impartial views on the President’s results after his first year in office, is the well-respected CNN-analyst Michael Smerconish who considers that notwithstanding all external and intrinsic obstacles if President Trump continues performing as up until now, “he could become the most consequential President in the Modern Era,” meaning the most “important.”

Let’s hope Mr. Smerconish is still at his CNN job for a long time to come.  We appreciate the courage it has taken to speak his mind and the truth of the President’s amazing performance if one considers the humongous and poisonous opposition Democrats and Republicans have imparted to him.

Shame on the Republicans and their RINOs!

Goodbye 2017 – The Media

I find it important to have the above views that I consider impartial given that the professional fake news is psychologically torturing the American people.

A corrupt media that twists and turns or silences the true information because they are the servants of masters who in turn are the enemies of the people, breaks the social equilibrium and damages the psychological tissue of the people.

Such media deserves to be severely punished.

Hopefully, the President will begin removing press accreditations en masse to grant the platform to a press that has integrity because their first and best interest will be to serve their consumers, the people.

Goodbye 2017 – Education 

Another critical topic is how can we stop the moral and social bleeding of this contemporary society?

One way would be to completely take over the education of our children.

Although the President had promised to abolish the debilitating Common Core, he went ahead and chose Mrs. DeVos as the Secretary of Education.

Goodbye 2017 - Report: Donald Trump Overrides Betsy DeVos' Support for Obama's Pro-Transgender Policy

Report: Donald Trump Overrides Betsy DeVos’ Support for Obama’s Pro-Transgender Policy

Unsurprisingly, Mrs. DeVos has not gotten to it yet.  She is too busy realizing items from the globalist agenda.

In fact, as you can read here DeVos has been dealing with every possible item on the educational agenda, except with Common Core.

However, more and more we have read that the transgender agenda is moving ahead as little children receive explanations on the diabolic and criminal gender fluid agenda of the LGBT.

Thus our little children’s minds are being corrupted and bothered with sexual deviances being introduced in their innocent minds from tiny.   Who defends them?  No one.

Especially nowadays, schools and after-school activities as well as camps, are asking parents to leave their little children 2-3 years old alone, with no parental supervision… so they can have the leisure to introduce these ignominies in the young, virgin minds.

This is the burden and the extreme responsibility we have on our shoulders as we finish 2017.

Goodbye 2017  –   Immigration

The most important political decision that the President must enact is protecting millions of American workers who need jobs and no immigrants’ competition to add pressure on them.

The DACA issue will be challenging given that his immediate entourage is there to sabotage the interests of the people.

With the millions, legal and illegal immigrants brought into America in recent decades, the acceptable quota has obviously gone overboard.  It is therefore imperative to stop ALL immigration altogether and probably for at least 10 years.

The must of musts is the still pending promise to build the wall.  This is obviously imperative if the President is serious in his wish and determination to stop immigrants from flooding the country surreptitiously.

In Rogue America and the Illegal Immigration Bill of Rights, you may find how aggressive and activist the illegals are, it is as if though they feel entitled.

We are entitled to be in our own countries, not fly like vultures to ruin others’ lands.

Goodbye 2017  –  Cultural Diversity 

The next globalist item on our agenda is cultural diversity.

Cultural diversity is the sanitized version of the truth called “killing each country’s individual culture to allow a diversity of cultures to take over the geographic, anthropological, sociological space that belonged before that to one single ethnographic group.”   That’s what cultural diversity means.

No country needs cultural diversity because each country is already rich in cultural diversity.  They have their own variants and to prove it, we know how even one language belonging to one territory and people, has different accents according to their region.  But it is not only the language diversity, it can also be the mentality, the traditions, and part of the history can be sui generis to a certain region and not to others within the same country.

Goodbye 2017 –  Conclusion

 There is much more but this is a very abridged overview.
We have been betrayed.  Globalism.  The New World Order. The Agenda 21.  All of them are there to destroy our countries, to destroy us as people in our countries.
Goodbye 2017 - Globalism


The ruthlessness of the operation is beyond belief, but believe we must for otherwise we will not be able to defend what is ours, but also what belongs to the innocent, defenseless next generations who have the right to inherit a morally healthy, and an economically and financially sound and prosperous country.

It is important to learn lessons from the past because History is flooded with our ancestors’ failures and trials and errors.   If only mankind would learn from them and avoid those pitfalls that cause them to fail, we would be wiser and sounder.

It is my wish that these lines may help many wonderful human beings take the right path in this sense.  We all have to learn and we all have to inspire each other to accept that the path of learning is not easy but benefitting from our ancestors’ mistakes can save us time and help us find progress and prosperity within what Our Creator G-D accepts as good and right, not what is bad and wrong.

Back to G-D

Whatever it is, our first personal step is to go back to G-D, to defend His Commandments, to do our best to pray to Him for forgiveness for having allowed this world to go so wrong.
May He have pity on us and on His World that He actually made so beautiful for us.
If we can find the path back to Him and make this world once again beautiful and peaceful, our children and grandchildren and all other generations will thank us.
G-D bless America, Israel and the peoples of good will as we close the 2017 Chapter in our lives.

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