Trump pro-DACA Nielsen has been confirmed by the Senate as the next Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS.)   While many are focusing on Trump’s historic Jerusalem decision this confirmation has barely been noticed.  

Trump pro-DACA Nielsen’s Background

Foremost and above all, she belongs to the inner circle of the man, besides his family, with the most influence on the President within the walls of the White House, General John Kelly.

John Kelly is the current White House Chief of Staff for U.S. President Donald Trump.  Kelly previously served as President Trump’s U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security.

“The Senate voted Tuesday to confirm Kirstjen M. Nielsen as the next secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, installing a close confidant of White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly to lead the federal agency responsible for carrying out many of President Trump’s most ambitious domestic policy plans.

Nielsen, 45, developed a reputation for fierce devotion to Kelly as his deputy at the White House and before that as his chief of staff at the Department of Homeland Security, which he ran from January until July.

An attorney and cybersecurity expert, Nielsen will be the first DHS secretary with previous experience working at the agency. Her confirmation Tuesday gives the White House a DHS chief well versed in the politics and policy goals of Trump’s immigration enforcement agenda.”

Trump pro-DACA Nielsen’s backers

From day one, she has counted with the enthusiastic support of the “Never Trump” members of Congress as well as former Bush pro-amnesty officials Tom Ridge, Michael Chertoff and Frances Townsend.

The reality is that, had Jeb Bush been chosen as President, he would not have done anything different than Mr. Trump.

Her nomination was also praised by the cheap foreign labor lobby and, naturally, by open borders advocates.

“While working for Bush, the administration — immediately following hurricane Katrina in 2005 —  temporarily dismantled pro-American worker laws, such as suspending sanctions for employers who willingly hire illegal aliens, and waving the 1931 Davis-Bacon Act, which mandated that federal contractors pay workers the average regional wage.

The impact of Bush’s decision had a devastating effect on working-class Americans who saw their jobs wash away with Katrina, as Breitbart News reported. The results amounted to an estimated 30,000 illegal aliens entering the Gulf Coast region to take thousands of American blue-collar jobs that would have otherwise gone to impacted working-class Americans.”

Globalist Trump pro-DACA Nielsen

A staunch supporter of pro-mass migration, Nielsen has proven to be so, in many instances.

Last year, 2016, Nielsen chaired the “Global Agenda Council on Risk & Resilience” with a group of globalist executives representing multinational corporations and banks that have a history of looking after their best business interests by promoting mass immigration.

Nielsen’s committee’s report insisted that Europe had no choice but to accept a huge wave of unskilled migrants from poor, conflict-wracked countries at the peak of the migrant crisis, which is still taking place.

“The key policy issue confronting Europe is not whether to accept forced migrants but rather how to turn the associated challenges into opportunities,” the report stated.”

How will Trump pro-Daca Nielsen carry out his pro-American immigration agenda?

President Trump congratulates Kirstjen Nielsen, the newly confirmed Homeland Security secretary, during a White House ceremony in October to announce her nomination. MUST CREDIT: Washington Post photo by Jabin Botsford

The new head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Kirstjen Nielsen, said that she is “ready to work with Congress” on granting amnesty to nearly 800,000 illegal aliens in the United States.

Indeed, Trump’s pro-Daca Nielsen has left no doubt about her intentions:

“Congress has a clear constitutional policymaking authority to change immigration law in order to develop a permanent solution for those individuals that were [DACA] recipients.  If confirmed, I will stand ready to work with Congress to provide any technical assistance needed towards a permanent, legal solution and towards enacting measures that enhance border security, interior enforcement, and our immigration system generally.”  

Why is Trump sabotaging himself or, worse, America? 

In order to explain this, we need to connect the dots.

It all started on 29 March 2017, when Ivanka Trump was appointed Advisor to the President, her father.

A month after his daughter’s transformation into a presidential advisor, President Trump surprised his base with a solemn declaration:   “Hey, I’m a nationalist and a globalist, I’m both.”

And, while his staunch loyalists want to forget with all their might this sudden change of heart; sadly, those have been no empty words.

The fact is that while the President talks nationalism and wants to show how he fulfills his nationalistic campaign promises, he is mostly enforcing globalism in the present but above all, he seems to be securing a globalist future for next generations.


Maybe the President thinks he can handle both nationalism and globalism at the same time.

Yet, nationalism and globalism mix as oil and water.

From day one, the President has chosen to be surrounded by fellow billionaires because of their “savvy and knowledge,” he told, and Americans believed him.  Most appreciated the fact and were honored.

Nonetheless, there was also another reality, that most of those billionaires could also be as globalists as Trump’s daughter.

Some say that it’s important to keep one’s friends close and one’s enemies closer.  That is a Sun Tzu quote.  The Chinese warrior said it at times when evil was not as heavily-handed as it is now, especially in this internet, artificial intelligence, and robotics era.

It is unwise to surround oneself with enemies for they will weaken their prey.

As Pat Buchanan once said: “…  if Trump abandons that nationalism, that would be fatal for the Trump presidency. These issues are going to come back again and again because they came up from the people. I don’t think the American people and the folks who voted for him are going to go away.”

On key issues that were his campaign promises, President Trump of all people has called upon swamp creatures “to help him achieve his goals.”

It happened with Common Core, and it is happening again, where Trump is appointing people who oppose his nationalistic campaign agenda.

As Alabama is getting ready to vote for a new senator, we must wonder why would the President want to impose the anti-American Nielsen to someone like Roy Moore?

True, the President initially did not officially support Roy Moore, but given the pressure of Trumpians despite incredible allegations against the judge, Mr. Trump had to give in to his base and at the last minute, he clearly endorsed Judge Moore.

“As the top official leading the DHS, an agency with a $40 billion discretionary budget and 240,000 employees, Nielsen will take on a broad array of responsibilities. The DHS has 22 subagencies, including immigration enforcement, transportation security, disaster preparedness and response, the Secret Service, and the Coast Guard.”

There is no way that anyone on the President’s camp can find a valid reason to appoint pro-Daca Nielsen as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, when she is a staunch globalist whose imperative preoccupation is to help open America’s borders and bring unlimited migrants endangering the lives, jobs, the safety and the future of the American people.

G-D bless America.









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