American globalists vehemently want President Trump to send troops to wage war against Syria in the Muslim Middle East.   But, what is their hidden agenda? 

Indeed, based on fallacious assumptions, the globalist warmongers in America are intent on taking troops or fleets to fight in Syria probably with the veiled intention of finally deposing President Assad.

Lack of Hard Evidence 

American globalists are wildly encouraging the Commander-in-Chief to go on an all-out war against Syria, in retaliation for the chlorine gas attack President Assad supposedly did on his own people.

Be it as it may, it beats all logic to accuse President Assad of attacking people when he had already won the war.

The initial assessment of the U.S. government suggests that a nerve agent was used in the weekend chemical attack in Douma, Syria, but further evidence is needed to determine what specific agent was used, U.S. government sources said on Monday.

The sources also said the U.S. government had not yet conclusively determined whether the attack was carried out by President Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian government forces. [Bold mine: EB]

American globalists are playing their Trump card.

Candidate Trump had promised no more wars, to bring back American troops, but all that seems now foreign to President Trump.

They know the President and his daughter crave the acceptance of Republicans and Democrats alike, and that they will do whatever it takes to please the good, the bad, and the ugly.

In the past, no president or commander-in-chief worried about the consequences to the families of American troops killed in foreign wars, but we were expecting the opposite from the current Commander-in-Chief.

The Rise of American Globalists 

It is not only that key Democrats such as Lindsey Graham, John McCain, or even Howard Dean, are pushing for an all-out-war against Syria, there is much more to it.

Islamic Globalism

Globalism is everywhere.  And just as there are American globalists, there are also Islamic globalists, Chinese globalists, European globalists, and so on.

Who has not seen this photo of President Trump taken during his first trip abroad to Saudi Arabia?

American Globalists.. Trump, Al-Sisi of Egypt, and King Salman of Saudi Arabia join in front of an orb, a globalist symbol.

American Globalists. Trump, Al-Sisi and King Salman of Saudi Arabia join in front of an orb, a globalist symbol.

Officially it was reported that they were sealing the agreement to combat extremist ideology…  in Saudi.  So, why would they use a globe for that?

What was actually happening: The “orb” is an illuminated globe at the Global Center for Combatting Extremist Ideology in Saudi Arabia.

As part of the center’s opening ceremony, Trump, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman and Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi put their hands on the glowing ball.

But, nowadays, globes are the symbol of, you guessed it, globalism.

Seemingly, the President has made good and strong alliances with the Royal family of Saudi Arabia, by coincidence the largest owner of oil reserves and the most important producer of oil in the world.

Saudis are also building the largest and most modern city, 33 times the size of New York City, and at a budget of 500 billion.  Interesting for the builder President as well.

Trump’s interest in oil dates from far and some of you may recall a younger President Trump regretting that out of the war in Iraq the United States did not appropriate its oil reserves.

Meanwhile, as part of Saudi hospitality, the American President was decorated by King Salman:

American Globalists. President Trump decorated by Saudi King Salman. Courtesy: Getty Images

American Globalists. President Trump decorated by Saudi King Salman. Getty Images

But, NO Muslim Commitment to Stop Invasion of the West

With all that presidential and royal conviviality, what would have been important for the American people would have been if Trump came with news such as:  “I am very glad to inform the American people and the West that as a result of my meetings in Saudi I am bringing the agreement from the Muslim world that they will oppose the invasion of the West and that with immediate effect, Muslim immigration will stop.”

Alas, that was just a dream never to be true.

Syria, the Only Remaining Secular Country in Muslim Middle East 

Syria is the only remaining secular country in the Muslim Middle East to this date.   This would explain the globalists need to bring Syrians to their knees and bow to Islam’s absolutist ruling under sharia law.   Something unthinkable under President Assad, the Westernized ophthalmologist that fate turned into his father’s successor.

Globalism uses Islam as one of the main tools to destabilize Western societies, they are the silent troops entering the West to breed and degenerate while causing unimaginable chaos along their path.

Should the President of the United States decide to listen to American globalists surrounding him and launch a deadly attack against Syria, he would be making a very big mistake.

No one is surprised that Trump is aggressively seeking to “punish” Syria especially when we know that as in last year’s purported attack, his “special advisor,” staunch globalist daughter still by his side, has all the leisure to whisper in his ear once again, how  the “atrocious” attack is breaking her heart.


This is a Libya-redo, where the  Al- Nusra terrorists, another dependance from Al-Qaeda, violently deposed President Gaddafi who despite everything had kept his country secularized.  After his demise, the Islamic terrorists took over and established sharia as the law of the land.  Now, Libya is in a pitifull situation, that is why we do not hear much about them.

There are an enormous amount of issues to deal with inside America as well as on our borders.

Ethics corruption and ever-increasing moral decadence at levels never before imagined are polluting the American society.

Immigration in America is a tragedy and we wish the President had had the strength he has to attack Syria, instead of the haste he showed to sign the infamous Bill.

Why would any American support any war in faraway lands, to defend indefensible principles and values that have nothing to do with the United States?

In any event, even if there existed rock solid proof about this or any chemical attack in Syria or anywhere else, the United States does NOT have to be policing the world.

That has a name, it’s globalism.



Only if there would be an attack against the American population we should expect the President to launch a retaliation war against the perpetrators.

Other than that, let’s use all resources, human and material, to build the wall and stop endangering the lives of Americans via drugs and imported criminals.

American globalists are those who want to erase the United States borders, increase free immigration, in other words, delete America from the face of the earth.

What about Israel?  The misled Israeli leadership should be adamantly wanting to keep Assad in place, but globalism has also infiltrated them.   Thus, they are pushing for deposing Assad,  oblivious that as a result, they will have to deal with a neighbor a million times worse than Bashar Al-Assad now.

The President does not have to wage a war against Syria, it would be a huge mistake.




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