Obstinate American Democrats are keen on sabotaging the American President, and they are ready to pay the highest bidding to do so.  To no avail.  Trump is solid as a rock at the spot he is in right now.  They don’t want to accept reality.  It is as if they believe their impenitence can change the facts.  It cannot.  It will not.  

Ever since Donald J. Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States, the resistance was ripe to oppose him.

In fact, candidate Trump had the first success when during the campaign his sole presence showed how uni party was, in reality, the existence of both entities, the Republicans, and the Democrats.

Obstinate American Democrats and RINOs have from the beginning opposed President Trump immigration positions favoring American unemployed.

Obstinate American Democrats and RINOs have from the beginning opposed President Trump immigration positions favoring American unemployed.

Up until then, the RINO ghost section of the Republican party could swindle in the open with no consequence, each time they would abandon the interests of their constituents to join the enemy party, the Democrats.

What is the Obstinate American Democrats agenda?  

What initially at least nominally was the party of human rights, equality and solidarity, along the decades and the century that recently finished, has become the party of abuse and hypocrisy, the party of treason and deviance.

Indeed, the Democrats agenda is simple:  Open borders, unlimited mass migration, the creation of Sanctuary Cities to protect illegal immigrants and most especially, the criminal ones.

They also defend the rights to murder babies since the day of their conception to the outright murder of healthy newborns.   And, what is worse, they devote an extensive amount of millions to commit what I call America’s Baby Holocaust without any accountability.

Another point in their corrupt program focuses on the LGBTQ agenda that does not stop at introducing all these elements in the military, including transgender surgeries to “fix or repair” the gender assigned by G-D at birth.  And, we might add, paid by the American taxpayer who gets no right to voice or vote on these matters.

Their will to destroy next generations does not stop at the still existent CommonCore, that the criminal previous so-called leader introduced to debilitate the psyche and learning abilities of American children.

Indeed, they have also in mind the quiet but lethal transformation of American society, by inducing children’s minds as teachers suggest these innocent infants and adolescent Americans the evils of transgender.

This phenomenon is happening worldwide.  And that fact does not make it lesser poisonous.   On the contrary, the left worldwide is intent on corrupting the minds of children and whenever possible mutilate their bodies as result of irreversible surgical interventions.

Legalizing sexual deviances when they should have remained in the realm of personal private decisions within the four walls of peoples’ bedrooms was intentional.  The left and the globalizing ideologues were aware that sexuality could be used to distort, deform and destroy the lives and the souls of naive, ignorant people easy to manipulate.

Indeed, the ultimate goal is to demolish the traditional family, the pillar of patriotism, the love of nation, and one’s country.

Obstinate American Democrats Hunting the President 

It is hunting open season for the stubborn American Democrats who are persecuting the President, and all means are acceptable for these hateful crowd.  They do not even care that Trump has a Democratic-leaning family in his daughter and son-in-law and very likely also the rest of the family.   No, this detail is not essential.  What is necessary for them, is to bring down the emperor-god they view in Trump.

As such, Trump’s achievements do not count for the left, given that their interests are diametrally opposed to the President’s.

Nonetheless, in the short period as President so far, Mr. Trump has achieved more than any other American President in the country’s history.   No one can dispute that.

The Democrats who cannot until now accept the crushing success the American people gave their President, have without much ado created the Fake News as their tool to try to undermine the then political neophyte.  But, they did not know they were facing a quick learner who crushed their hopes.

They even managed to have a Robert Mueller conducting a merciless witch hunt against the President against the American people’s will, for if Trump became President, it was the dissatisfied American people who rejected 99% of the GOP candidates to elect this novice billionaire who wanted to help his country come afloat again.

Recently, in the storm-y case, her lawyer whom I will not name, argued that the President’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, received $500,000 from a Russian oligarch.

But, many are purposely not asking how did he have that information?

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer claims to have stumbled upon hundreds of thousands of dollars in shady payments to President Trump’s longtime personal attorney — and special counsel Robert Mueller has already grilled a Russian oligarch about the alleged dealings, a report says.

In all, it would it be possible that Mueller gave this information to that lawyer?  We will soon find out.

The Obstinate American Democrats Joined by the RINOs Globalists

We are now holding our breath, as the Democrats are now joined by the RINOs Republicans squandering the G-D-given opportunity to have such a strong political leader as Donald J. Trump defending the rights of the American people.

The last two days, these RINOs signed up an amnesty request for the DACAs going against the condition sine qua non for which the American people elected President Trump.

Obstinate American Democrats are quiet now as RINOs from the GOP request amend the immigration laws and the homeland security laws, 10 May 2018

Obstinate American Democrats are quiet now as RINOs from the GOP request amend the immigration laws and the homeland security laws, 10 May 2018



The President is giving America many triumphs abroad, whether it is in Iran, North Korea, the fight against the Islamic State, China, nothing of it means much to his enemies at the Democratic Party or to the RINOs, the unofficial chapter of the Republican Party.

No threats will ever undo the damage the Democrats and RINOs alike want to inflict on the President’s campaign promise to send back the DACAs, especially contradicting him by potentially granting them amnesty.

It would be a significant blow to the American people as well, who still are not too aware what it means not to have the top priority when applying for a job, as by new laws it would be given to foreigners.  Not a pretty sight even to think about it.

Should these RINOs and the obstinate American Democrats succeed going against the popular will and the will of the President, it would ruin his legacy, and for sure it would mark the beginning of America’s decline as a sovereign nation.



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