350 editorials attacking President Trump will not stop him from doing what he has to do.  Indeed those over 350 editorials will prove to be 350 times useless.

The American people have understood that their President, who was elected by over 63 millions Americans, is sui generis, one of a kind.

Ever since he announced his candidacy to the Presidency of the United States on that historic day, 16 June 2016, Trump has not disappointed.  He is facing the most opposition than any other world leader ever has, history book after history book is there to prove it,

The President has gone from a respected, admired and envied business developer and leader, through a political metamorphosis that has turned him into the vilified epitome of the XXIst Century Statesman.

There had been many in the media that had professed their unambiguous amity for the business mogul of yore.

However, their somewhat positivism towards Trump took a 180-degree turn for the worst the instant their former acquaintance became the 45th President of the United States.  Then, all hell broke loose.  Literally.

Something never seen before has happened.

350 Editorials... President Trump has so far created US$7 Trillion in new wealth.

350 Editorials. President Trump has so far created US$7 Trillion in new wealth.

Faced with this strong personality, the Democratic Party of America has degenerated as Americans see with horror the rise of violence, the abrasiveness in the lying department, the never-ending double-standard, the incessant loss of touch with reality, the ever-growing discord with the lawfully elected President, are some of the symptoms of the Trump Derangement Syndrom exhibited by the American Left.

Impeachment was on the menu the second they learned, to their greatest despair, Candidate Trump had won the Presidency.

Collusion has been a keyword in the Democratic plot to unsettle the Republican President.

And it was not the pertinent collusion their party leaders committed with their Russian partners given that Hillary Clinton facilitated the sale of 20% of America’s uranium, which is the most flagrant betrayal anyone had perpetrated.  But, no.  It was not that collision.

The Democrats went after imaginary cooperation of the American President and his party with the Russians.  Despite a total lack of proof, they are still wasting taxpayers money in this futile presumption.

Sadly, it was not only the Democrats who wanted to obstruct the President but also the RINOs who have placed impediments along his path.

And each time he has risen above and beyond our enemies feared expectations.

350 Editorials... "Fate whispers to the warrior, you cannot withstand the storm." And the warrior whispers back: " I AM THE STORM!"

350 Editorials.  “Fate whispers to the warrior, you cannot withstand the storm.”

This time, it has been the 350 editorials focusing most negatively on this man who has gotten so much done in such a short time span.

Then, once again, a few hours before the 16 August arrived with its 350 editorials against President Trump, the Master of the Deal showed off his chess skills promptly.

With the stroke of a champion, Donald Trump came up with an unprecedented move:  He revoked the Security Clearance from one of America’s and the President’s arch-enemies, none other than former CIA Director, the Muslim John Brennan.

So, in one stroke, the President managed to set the tone on this bizarre day.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are pretending they are doing all “this” out of love of country; they have the nerves to tell us.

In reality, the goal of the Democratic operation is to achieve the conquest of America’s leadership and power only to subsequently surrender it to the evil globalization that is impatiently waiting behind the curtains.

To do so, the Democrats are counting on their masses that they carefully keep ignorant and ready to swallow whatever lies their leadership tells them to believe.

They know ignorance is the only weapon they can count on to do evil.

A small detail that evades them is the fact that the millions of voters who voted for Donald Trump are far from ignorant but instead belong to a very educated group of Americans whose vocabulary include the words patriotism and nationalism.

And, despite what the left worldwide wants to pretend, patriotism is the love of country and nationalism is the love of one’s people.

Donald Trump loves his country and his people.

Even if the left and their democrats want to argue that they hate Trump but love America, those are only empty, meaningless words.

Whoever hates this President, they also hate America and the American people.  All the efforts to pretend the contrary will be futile.

We know what the Democrats want:  They want the power so they can destroy the country and the people.  That is their ultimate goal.

If they thought 350 editorials could stop the President, they still have no idea who he is and what his strength can do.

The President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, is blessed and that is why he survives every attack because G-D is in charge.

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