Only one major automotive show is taking place in the world this year. The city? Beijing. Naturally, in China. The models in display range from an electric Mustang and a flying car from one of the most-watched brands currently in the electric-vehicle space.

in the meantime, back in good old Europe, who could have imagined, the super-duper-tiny miserable virus CoViD19 or aka SARS2, managed to stop one of the greatest tourist automobile attractions, in Switzerland: the “Salon de l’Automobile,” the foremost auto show in Geneva.

In other words, the Geneva authorities very likely conniving with the European, plot to sabotage the Swiss economy, have managed to bring down the prestigious Salon de l’automobile which has been a source of tourism, trade, and general enthusiasm, formerly in the City of Geneva.

Unfortunately, Geneva authorities seem keen in ruining the city and Canton’s economy to the ground, regardless of the catastrophic collateral and irreparable damage to their working force but also to the luxury status that used to draw the most distinguished crowds, the ones with the largest acquisitions power in the world.

They now probably feel more at home in Monaco, in Liechtenstein, and Singapore?

Meanwhile… “The Beijing Auto Show got underway Saturday, and while there were fewer foreign car executives thanks to border restrictions, thousands still thronged the huge New China International Exhibition Center eager for a glimpse of what automakers — from marquee international names to EV startups — have in store.”

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