Lessons learned or not, are the key to human survival. And 9/11 has been one of those opportunities, but we were too close to it timewise and otherwise to draw consequences let alone lessons.

The day began under the balmy sun rays over Manhattan on that lovely Tuesday morning. By 8:47 approximately, my phone rang. “Now, do not think it has been a terrorist attack, but an airplane has crushed on one of the Twin Towers.” I rushed to turn on the TV.

There, in front of my eyes, “live” I was able to virtually witness one of the biggest crimes committed against a civilian population in times of peace.

The second airplane appeared from behind and surely made a wide angle circumventing the second Twin Tower, intact until then, but not for long.

Seconds later, in horror, I virtually witnessed the massive attack on the second skyscraper. And how it began falling, as if it was a cookie cake but with real life people dying in real time in front of us.

My first thought went to the trapped innocent victims. Civilians who had headed to work on a regular day. It was to be one of the three events of the century, besides the two world wars.

The day before, I had been in Washington D.C., meeting the second client who was joining my newest outfit, Benador Associates. The first one had been the influential conservative New York Times editorialist, A.M. Rosenthal, without whom my group would have never seen the light.

Benador Associates, became a very well known conservative media, public relations and speakers bureau.

I had the honor to be recognized by the leftist media as the seasoned journalist Jim Lobe wrote:

“When historians look back on the U.S. war in Iraq, they will almost certainly be struck by how a small group of mainly neo-conservative analysts and activists outside the administration were able to shape the U.S. media debate in ways that made the drive to war so much easier than it might have been.

… But historians would be negligent if they ignored the day-to-day work of one person who, as much as anyone outside the administration, made their media ubiquity possible.

Meet Eliana Benador … publicist for Perle, Woolsey, Michael Ledeen, Frank Gaffney, and a dozen other prominent neo-conservatives whose hawkish opinions proved very hard to avoid for anyone who watched news talk shows or read the op-ed pages of major newspapers over the past 20 months.”

Let’s move to today. In hindsight, I remember that one weird fact that bothered me was the cold boldness of President Bush as he received the announcement of the attacks. He remained composed. Back then I attributed it to the fact that he was surrounded by small school children and he may have wanted to avoid them panicking. But, that assumption has now lost its ground. “Too much control” did not stand the passing of time.

Indeed, during the last two decades, my experience broadened to several years spent in the region, enough to open my eyes about what else could have been the reason for the President’s reaction and his subsequent actions that influenced the fate of the Great Satan, as Iran’s mullahs like to call the United States until now.

It was a small army strong of 19 individuals, characterized by the press as al-Qaeda terrorists. Period.

Indeed, period, because the mention of the attackers stops there as per the new, fixed, revised version edited during Obama‘s administrations.

But the truth was larger than that. Seventeen (17) of the nineteen (19) men were Saudi nationals, financed by Saudi sources. The other two terrorists were Emiratis.

Another fact came into play: In August 2001, the Chief of General Intelligence, Prince Turki al Faisal, resigned. Barely a month before the attacks on 9/11. In 2003, Turki was appointed as Ambassador to the United Kingdom. Such a move was significant as it reflected the Saudi willingness to improve relations with European countries.

Meanwhile, my group Benador Associates had become essential in the aftermath of 9/11.

As two decades have passed, I have had the time to think about it, and the rationality of the attack “because Bin Laden was based out of the caves of Afghanistan,” has weakened.

How come did Bush launch such a huge war on Afghanistan when the mastermind and his terrorists had been financed by Saudi and were Saudis themselves?

Needless to say, the vision of the Bush family and their best buddies, the royal family of Saudi Arabia comes immediately to mind. Of course, no Bush would launch an attack on Saudi.

Now, as the 20th anniversary arrives in a few hours, once again, the pieces have fallen into their new spots.

President Biden ordered the repatriation of US troops “immediately.” The upheaval caused by such an unexpected withdrawal has destabilized the region to the point that the Taliban has expeditiously imposed backward reforms regarding freedoms, rights of women, condemnations of unlucky foreign remnants.

Therefore, Afghans are being brought into the West, to occupy Western countries. Sleazily, slowly, and surely, Afghans are being accommodated even in entire luxury hotels, that governments are forcing to give up on longstanding reservations, to favor and welcome the unexpected visitors from foreign cultures.

Meanwhile, Biden’s abandoned Americans in Afghanistan are facing the incertitude of their fates. It is as if though American lives were worth nothing to leftist politicians, whose only and main interest is the success of their personal interests as well as of their party’s political agenda to annihilate the economy, destroy the finances, undermine the morale and the health of their people and, finally, make room for a new population altogether.

In closing, I pray to God to bless and protect the United States of America and the wonderful people that have been and are the backbone of its Exceptionalism.


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