How did the world, we, get here? A key question to the root issue causing the conundrum we find ourselves at this point in time. After a long hiatus in my writing, I am back though will be trying different setups to my developing topics of interest. I hope my readers will indulge me as I find ways to develop as a thinker and an analyst and writer.

Some of today’s symptoms spread worldwide are the total lack of respect among human beings, the lack of efforts to communicate and therefore to understanding “the other in his or her essence.”

Kindly note that for lack of time, you will find only a main gender, masculine, and at the most, masculine or feminine. Time is of the essence, so details pertaining to personal choices in people’s lives, are not of my concern. I will KISS. In other words, I will keep it simple stupid.

Why is RESPECT so important and a deplorable act. Its suppression, is telling in the devolution of our uses and mores.

Without RESPECT, human beings risk dehumanizing each other, which is popping up in this discordant, abusive, terroristic world we live in. And that will be nothing compared to the globalists’ intentions to psychologically dismember mankind.

It all began centuries ago when socialists and communists found out that the traditional family nucleus was at the root of conservatism and that above all, it was the relation mother-newborn-baby the special link that puts the feeling of patriotism towards the soil where we were born. It had to be destroyed to continue the major and more important plans of the nascent globalist theory that has survived over many centuries in the quiet and the silence of powers throughout Western Civilization.

Now, we are at the beginning of the end of such a humongous project.

Meanwhile, it is essential to signal what the idea and intention has been. Mankind was not to be inspired to become better, but the goal was rather to turn them in the consumerists that abound among us. Unable to control themselves, they have no discernment to figure how they are being manipulated.

Had we lived in a nurturing society, there would have been health measures to instruct our populations to take care of their bodies in a healthful, natural way to stimulate their immune system, avoid illnesses that can be avoidable with a sane nutritional regime, a sportive way of life. Included therein would have been warnings on how important the dental health was and the need to avoid for instance, sugars, fat, acids, and thus avoid those to begin with.

But, on the contrary, if you take a look, you will see how everything has been done to make us sick, to make us needy of doctors and medications. Unhealthy food galore has been the rule. Fast food. Sugary food. Sodas. Fake drinks. And so on.

All that, combined with a growing gigantic pharmaceutical industry fit and ready to provide doctors in all specialties with solutions fit for our society’s weaknesses, and which have been turning people always and ever more depending on all of them.

To be followed…


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