The meaninglessness of words in this XXIst century has become one of mankind’s worst psychological handicaps.  People talk.  People write. Hemorrhagies of words come out of all mouths.  Wise words.  Dumb words.  Any words.

But, what is the problem with words, someone will ask me.  Words are beautiful, they reflect our thoughts, our hopes, our wishes, our intentions, our longings and any and everything hidden in our brains and our hearts.

Still.  I have realized that no matter any of the above, Words will remain words.  When it is poetry, it’s beautiful.

However, we are in an ever changing world.  Yet, the current metamorphosis is a brutal one, when our Civilization seems to have approached its end, or so it would seem looked in the light of the usual historical developments.

The replacement of a civilization is not by any length a negligeable event, and that makes the meaninglessness of our words and our discourse even more tragic.

On the other side of the story, the empowerers of globalism clearly know the importance of the language and the civilization it represents.

For instance, they are creating new pronouns to fit ¨new¨ sexual categories.

Just as they are inventing new words, they are also imposing new laws, new styles in art and fashion, moving populations into new countries in order to destabilize Western societies to the maximum, and so on.

My current thesis is about the uselessness and intrinsic meaninglessness of words within our Western Civilization. Granted, cybertechnology has a big part of guilt in all this.  But the globalist media did so as well.

All those elements have mutilated mankind of reason, curiosity, the search for The Truth.

Now, people find themselves framed in different spheres.  For instance, Twitter has cleverly created “spaces” so some ‘adventurers’ use those spaces as their ‘revolutionary fields’ to show an opposition that could not be farthest from reality, thus making all their efforts futile and, yes, meaningless and useless.

Facebook or Meta, has also engineered groups that continue popping up but with the same unchangeable result:  No actual achievement.

Unsurprisingly, most ‘leaders’ are proud with such vain results.

Meanwhile, the enemy sees clearly, and relentlessly advances looking at the sun rising in their horrifying horizon.

Unless there is a miracle, the West is going under because of the lack of history knowledge and a humongous lack of patriotism.

We should not forget the willingness to remove women from their most important jobs in their lives: Wife and Motherhood.  Instead, mothers should have received a state monthly salary of, say 3,000.

Yes, women are great professionals, but the price paid has been the loss of nurtured little human beings devoided of mother.

One has to include also the lack of authority to teach children right from wrong, including the respect for parents, teachers.

In all, we are looking at a dying civilization, that has lost its body, its heart, and its brain. Indeed, Western Civilization has given up on its values, the spine of its existence.

I wish there would be a positive outlook to end this column, to give hope for the next generations.

Imagine them.  Being born, not into loving and nurturing families, with mom and dad to raise them as good human beings, but no.

Instead, they may have a chip planted in their tiny bodies already, being raised by cold robots filled with artificial intelligence planing on how those human slaves can serve the evil purposes of their creators.

Is that what we want to leave them as a future?

That’s why our side needs to be strong and unite to make sure the future can be good for the generations to come.

What do I mean with ‘unite?’ Unity cannot happen between moral enemies, that’s rather a nightmarish wish because unity can only happen among likeminded people who share one same goal.

In the midst of the meaninglessness of words in our times, for the sake of next generations, it is time to really unite and move to the next stage:  ACTION, TO STOP THE EVIL TIDE.



Eliana Benador is an international opinion writer on national security, foreign affairs, the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, Islam, intelligence, counterterrorism.  She also specializes in fine arts and classical music. She has also worked in several Gulf countries of the MENA region.  She founded her media outfit Benador Associates in the aftermath of 9/11, She is based in Switzerland.

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