As of today, 20 September 2023, I am finally back, with renewed energy emanating from the intense correlation I entertained with My Almighty Father, Blessed Be He, in recent years.

I shall begin some new projects, I also have found a great computer technician who will from now on supervise the technological part of this endeavor.

As such, and to avoid spreading my efforts throughout the airspace we will announce changes as well as my new activities and projects in the near future.

One of the new changes in my activities are now, added to my passion for History, are other areas of interest beyond politics, such as bio-chemistry, genetics, epidemiology, nutrition, AI (naturally,) robotics, and yet another one of my all time favorite topics: Quantum Physics.

Beyond those general topics, one key subject that will pull my attention will be the Defense of Children’s health and well-being.

Next in line will be n’y fight against idolatry with its different hideous faces such as victimhood, so called racism, protection of our G-d-Given Nature including animals and plants in the atmosphere but also underwater.

i shall also discuss topics as fashion and what remains of the Fine Arts, in this period of moral decadence.

And, last but not least, I shall also offer my own philosophical approach to historical developments in comparative analysis to highlight the direction in which history is silently and quietly taking this world, as it’s going to be our inheritance to those who will follow us. As such, we have huge responsibilities to take care of.

I also plan on introducing a free-subscription  that we will introduce as soon as the cyber logistics will be in place.

I hope all those topics will catch your interest.

Above all, I pray G-d will give me the strength, the inspiration, and the time to do what needs to be done.

I am overjoyed to be finally back.
With much love and care, as ever.

G-d bless

Eliana Benador





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