An avoidable war, that could have been skipped altogether if plans for salvaging the worldwide population, had been heeded.  Alas, that was not the case.

It all began back in March 2020, when President Trump declared a countrywide lockdown, on the assumption that the greatest viral epidemic would ravage the American population.

The rest of the world followed suit, as we all know.

Who would have thought back then that the Israeli government was slowly but surely going to be involved in the largest, most painful, and most shameful plan to subvert mankind on behalf of rabid money-making globalists and their new doctrine, globalism.

Indeed, along the road news showed Israel and its PM Netanyahu, pushing for the implementation of the untested-in-humans-so-called-vaccines. That was information plainly provided by Big Pharma laboratories, sharing that their products had not been sufficiently tested in humans.  No one objected.

Thus, Netanyahu himself showed off the crucial moment when he got the COVID vaccine. But, did he get it?

Israel rolls out vaccination campaignwith the aim of 60,000 shots per day, but Palestinians living under Israeli occupation will have to wait longer.”  Palestinians were lucky even if they may not have thought in such lines.

Independent scientists had by then, made remarks to alert the general public that those were untested shots, which in principle should have to wait 3-5 years to get the green light.

But nothing of that happened.


Scared, the worldwide population were forced by their governments to live isolated, masked and unproductively,

In order to lure the population into a vaccination with a totally new product, which they called vaccine, they convinced people that it was going to be a one-time shot.

However, within less than two months, they solemnly announced that their one shot was not enough to fight the Covid virus and that there will be a second shot.  Most obeyed without hesitation, but were filled with fear.


Given that several independent scientists were warning on every possible channel that such “vaccines” were rather genetic altering formulas.

Michael Yeadon, Pfizer’s former vice-president, warned the world on several occasions, that the “vaccine” was a threat to healthful individuals, given the lack of due testing, time wise.

Professor Luc Montaigner, Nobel Prize of Medicine in 2008, Oslo, was a ardent advocate against the use of that gene therapy on human beings.

As a student of biochemistry, I understood the danger ahead, the risks that uninformed patients would be taking when accepting the shots.

My dream was, then, to try to convince a large number of rabbis and Jewish politicians, of such situation.

I thought, of all peoples, we Jews were the best placed to defend mankind from such unimaginable danger. After all, our experience with similar situations during the Nazi Holocaust, could factor in to succeed in a reunion of the minds.

I tried sharing this idea with a few of my Jewish confidants, but almost all were on board with the authorities.

The sheep, I thought, is unable to have independent and rigorous thinking and even less the self-determination to make them see danger written all in bright red.  So, they missed their chance.

Some went along for anodyne reasons, such as travels, going to restaurant, going to the movies, etc.

But, others, like nurses, first responders, police corps, et al., just had to give in so as to not lose their jobs.  Somehow, I understand that.

I, on the other hand, was an observer.  As the vaccine campaign was launched, I looked with distress around me, seeing this great Swiss population, so incredibly healthy, gleefully walk to the slaughter, most unaware of how their lives were going to change, so brutally.

Until then, and ever since I had gone back to Switzerland from the USA, it was quite noticeable to me the fact that I was probably, the only Swiss on scooter-wheelchair.

However, some weeks after the vax campaign began, I could observe people on wheelchairs, or people losing their balance with convulsions, and so on.   Sad.


Had I been able to reunite a large group of Israeli and Jewish politicians as well as rabbis, I know for sure that given our previous Holocaust experience, we could have been influential to turn the tables around and stopped the so called “vaccination” that was hiding a most powerful and nanoscopic element that had been included on the formula specifically to alter our G-d Given DNA.

Instead, in the aftermath of the generaI vax period, it was easy to observe an increase of wheelchair users, people walking with convulsions, teenagers holding on to their adults as their young bodies trembled and they weren’t able to speak as usual, and hardly anyone would dare speak about the correlation between their shots and their falls, or the heart issues that became as collateral damages.

CDC, the Centre for Disease Control, has meanwhile lost all its credibility for having authorised the use of such genetic therapies.

In all, it has been the “missed opportunity” that could have spared this war, making Israelis and Jews the heroes for once.




Copyright 2023 Eliana Benador






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